Sustainable Management

Executives and employees shall report in accordance with ethical management guidelines, but if they are not specified in the text or if there is a possibility of conflicting opinions on interpretation, contact the Ethics Management Office. The company operates various channels of internal reporting, so that ethical management can be implemented. The reporting will be held in anonymous.

  • 1. Reporting Methods
    Telephone +82-2-6230-6000 ARS Information : Select Ethics Management Office
    Postal Report Ethics Management Office on the 17th floor of WeWork Building 507 Teheran-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
    Report on visit Report directly to the Ethics Management Office Staff
  • 2. Reporting Obligations

    1) All executives and employees shall be obliged to report to the Ethics Management Office immediately upon recognition of the violation.

    2) All executives and employees shall not abuse the reporting system for the purpose of slander to others.

  • 3. Whistleblower Protection

    1) The company shall never disclose or divulge the personal information of the whistleblower, and the whistleblower shall be protected from any disadvantages in personnel affairs.

    2) If the whistleblower's identity is exposed, the Ethics Management Office should investigate the route of identity exposure, and executives and employees who intentionally or mistakenly expose the whistleblower's identity are subject to disciplinary action.