Sustainable Management

We pursue honesty, fairness, and integrity.

With the vision of implementing the best management and value creation (BESCOM: Best Company) that a company can carry out, Hyundai Welding will create a modern corporate culture that seeks joint prosperity between stakeholders and the community.

Best Company

Create the best
management performance
and value that an
enterprise can implement

Therefore, the Charter of Ethics Management is established for employees of Hyundai Welding to use as a standard for proper behavior and value judgment.

1. We seek to establish shared growth with customers by contributing to our customers’ value creation and actively collecting their complaints and feedback.

2. We actively compensate successful employees and create a work environment where challenges and innovations are encouraged.

3. We respect each other and create a healthy and ethical workplace atmosphere.

4. We create a sound corporate culture through fair competition with competitors and fair trade with our suppliers.

5. We comply with legal obligations and practice rational and transparent management.

6. We contribute to the local community by fulfilling our corporate social responsibilities and obligations, complying with environmental regulations, and helping to prevent environmental pollution.