We offer industry-leading compensation packages including competitive pay to keep our employees motivated, while ensuring their financial stability and productivity.

  • Tuition Fee For Emplyee's Children

    We offer financial aid to support education of our employees' children, from kindergarten to university.

  • Congratulations and Condolences Benefit

    In case of significant family events, such as weddings and funerals, employees are given leave of absence along with congratulations and condolences allowance.

  • Cafeteria

    Our plants are equipped with cafeteria while HQ and regional office staff gets meal allowance.

  • Housing Fund Support

    We help our employees with housing fund when they buy or rent a house.

  • Commuter Bus

    We operate commuter buses for employees of Pohang factory.

  • Company Dormitories

    Pohang factory's single employees are eligible to live in company-owned residence.

  • Summer Vacation Allowance

    We offer holiday allowance during summer leave.

  • Car Allowance

    Once designated as Deputy General Manager, employees can apply for car maintenance expense support.

  • Gift Package

    Employees are presented with gift sets on Lunar New Year, Chuseok, Labor Day, Foundation Day and their birthdays.

  • Medical Benefit

    We help our employees pay their medical bills.

  • Long Service Award

    Gold ring is presented as a token of gratitude to long-serving employees.