Business Introduction

Hyundai PNS continuously invests in its R&D.
Welding Equipment Development

Development of custom products for shipyards, plants, and automobile parts

Synergic product development compatible with various welding materials

Development of function that ensures arc stability and low spatter

Developed a feeder and a carriage capable of constant feeding with a stabilized motor control

Development of a monitoring system that improves work rate and productivity

Improved user convenience by developing HMI

Developed products that meet customer needs such as ultra-lightweight and stylish design

Welding Equipment Patent Research

Current imbalance detection device

Shield gas automatic control welding device

Electric power for welding machine

Control panel for welding machine

Constant motor speed control of arc welding machine feeder

Burnback control device and method for arc welding

Pulse welding waveform control method for flux-cored wire using 100% CO2 gas

Welding device that senses the touch of the base material and wire

Wire feeding device of welding system