We support our employees
to practice their creative imagination,
with passion.

Creative Imagination, Passionate Practice

Who we want

At Hyundai PNS, we optimize our employees' working conditions and encourage them to practice their creative imaginations with passion.
With the authority granted by the company, they take on new challenges and come up with innovative ways to achieve goals beyond mere numbers.
Hyundai PNS's interactive work culture allows its members to maximize teamwork through heated debates and work-related discussions, based on mutual respect and trust.
Our self-motivated employees challenge themselves to aim higher, and contribute to mutual growth with business associates of the company by doing so.

  • Creativity

    Practicing creative imagination,
    with passion

  • Courage

    Leading innovation
    and rising, fearlessly,
    to challenges

  • Teamwork

    Maximizing teamwork
    through interactive
    work culture

  • Challenge

    Contributing to mutual
    growth and common prosperity
    by aiming high

We abide to three principles when making staff deployment decisions.

  • 1

    Right Person, Right Place

    Best candidate to perform the job will be assigned to do it.

  • 2

    Equal Opportunities

    Every employee will be given equal opportunity to be considered for the job they are qualified to do.

  • 3

    Career Development

    We do our best to ensure that individual needs of each employee are met when they perform the job,
    with a sense of security and plenty of scope for personal development.