Business Introduction

This is the direction in which a welding machine is being developed at Hyundai PNS' research center.

Development direction

Product Stability

Development of a system that is independent of changes in external environment such as high temperature, high humidity, and dust

Excellent durability and retention

Adopt multiple protection circuit function

High Functionality

Development of non-ferrous line welding technology with various pulse control techniques such as SAC and SPC. SAC(Surface Arc Control), SPC(Suface Pulse Control)

Development and stabilization of large current inverter SAW welding system

High Efficiency

High-speed switching & soft switching Full bridge control inverter system realizes over 90% efficiency

Electricity efficiency optimization by minimizing standby power

Customized Devlopment

Self Shield EGW development for plant storage tank

Development of high strength FCW

Development of welding material for S500, S550, S690 steel for offshore structures

Development of welding materials for new welding processes such as automation, high efficiency, high speed, and light weight