Sustainable Management

  • Chapter 1General Provisions

  • Chapter 2Responsibilities and Obligations
    for Customers

  • Chapter 3Responsibility for Employees

  • Chapter 4Basic Employee Ethics

  • Chapter 5Ethical Management

  • Chapter 6Contributions to the State
    and Community

  • Chapter 7Additional Clause

Chapter 1 : General Provisions
1. Purpose

As part of the establishment of the Hyundai Welding Business Culture, it defines ethical standards that all executives and employees must comply with and enacts this code of ethics to make correct decisions based on them.

2. Application

The Code of Ethics applies to all executives and employees of Hyundai Welding at home and abroad. However, executives and employees working abroad shall apply in consideration of local laws and regulations.

3. Operation

1)In order to implement the Code of Ethics, separate guidelines for implementing the Code of Ethics are enacted with specific guidelines for conduct.

2)All employees shall contact the Ethics Management Department for inquiries regarding the Code of Ethics and its guidelines, and follow instructions.

3)The Ethics Management Department will amend the Code of Ethics if necessary, but matters deemed important by the department head shall be amended with the approval of the HR Ethics Committee.

4)Executives and department heads shall provide sufficient education and counseling to their employees to help their understanding of the code, and take appropriate precautions to prevent them from violating the code.

5)Once the Ethics Management Department verifies a report of violation of the Code of Ethics and its practices, relevant employees shall cooperate actively.

Chapter 2 : Responsibilities and Obligations for Customers
1. Respect customers

1)We put ourselves in our customers’ shoes. We earn our customers’ trust by providing products and services that they can trust, while fulfilling our promises.

2)We listen to our customers’ opinions and actively apply their reasonable demands and suggestions.

2. Increase customer value

1)We make fair deals with our customers and enhance their profit. We do not engage in activities that may undermine their interests by abusing our status in trade.

2)We provide accurate information about our products and services to customers and do not exaggerate our advertisements.

3. Customer Information and Safety Protection

1)We comply with relevant laws and regulations to protect customers' information, and do not use or leak their confidential information illegally.

2)In the process of providing products and services to our customers, we consider their safety as a top priority and actively provide necessary information to prevent damage and risks.

Chapter 3 : Responsibility for Employees
1. Employee Respect

1)We respect each employee as a human being and provide appropriate working conditions and a safe working environment.

2)We acknowledge that our employees constitute the company and ensure that all employees work with pride as the main agents of the organization.

2. Fair Treatment and Human Resources Development

1)We equally respect the autonomy and creativity of each employee and give them opportunity to improve their capabilities. We then evaluate and compensate employees fairly in accordance with the evaluation criteria.

2)We do not discriminate employees unfairly according to gender, religion, age, origin, educational background, disability, etc.

3)We listen our employees and create an environment where they can freely make suggestions.

4)We provide equal educational and growth opportunities depending on employees’ capabilities and qualifications, in order to increase their motivation and encourage their development.

3. Safe Working Environment

1)We actively take necessary measures for the safety of employees, and strive to maintain a safe working environment from accidents, injuries, disasters, and diseases.

2)We comply with the laws and standards related to health and safety in the workplace.

3)We shall endeavor to provide a work environment in which the work and life of employees are harmoniously balanced.

Chapter 4 : Basic Employee Ethics
1. Basic Employee Ethics

1)Employees share the company's management philosophy and share its values, and faithfully carry out individually assigned tasks according to the company's business policy.

2)Employees create an organizational culture based on smooth communication and mutual trust.

3)Employees shall not be discriminated for any reason irrelevant to their duties, such as regionalism, school relations, and kinship.

4)Employees shall immediately report a violation of ethical management principles to the Ethics Management Department.

2. Mission Fulfillment

1)As proud members of Hyundai Welding’s Business Culture (HWBC), employees will always maintain an honest and sincere attitude.

2)Employees shall contribute to the development of the company by demonstrating their capabilities based on creativity.

3)As members of Hyundai Welding, employees shall share prosperity with the company and perform their duties with a will to develop.

4)Employees must be familiar with the given rights and responsibilities and use ethical values as a standard for all actions.

3. Fair Job Performance

1)Employees shall maintain their honor and dignity as members of Hyundai Welding by performing their duties with honesty and integrity.

2)Employees shall perform their duties fairly and shall not engage in acts of abuse of authority, falsehood, exaggeration, etc. for personal interests.

3)Employees shall not make unfair requests or make any gains from interested parties, such as subcontractors, in return for abuse of superior status in business.

4)Employees shall not engage in any conflict of interest with the company. In case of a conflict of interest between the company and the individual or department, they shall prioritize the company's interests.

4. Prevention of Bullying and Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

1)Employees recognize that general and sexual harassment in the workplace is illegal and shall not engage in any act that harms peer relationships, that include physical, verbal, and visual abuse.

2)Employees who cause harassment in the workplace may be subject to strong disciplinary action and transfer of personnel may be conducted to prevent them from working in the same place as the victim.

5. Mutual Gifts and Money Transactions between Employees

1)Gifts between employees shall be kept within the social norm.

2)All financial loans, guarantees, and solicitation activities between employees are prohibited.

6. Protection of Company Assets and Information

1)Employees shall protect the company's physical property, intellectual property, trade information, etc. and shall not use the company's assets for personal gain.

2)Employees shall provide confidential information only to authorized personnel, and shall not make transactions for personal gain, such as providing confidential information to third parties.

3)All employees shall endeavor to maintain a safe and pleasant working environment and shall be responsible for preventing safety accidents

Chapter 5 : Ethical Management
1. Compliance with the Law

1)We carry out business activities fairly and transparently while complying with relevant laws and regulations.

2)We also comply with all international regulations such as corporate and commercial ethics.

2. Fair Trade

1)All transactions with our customers will be transparent, and we shall not impose unfair acts or influence by using the superior position of the company.

2)All customers shall be guaranteed fair opportunity, and selection of our customers will be determined by objective and fair standards and procedures.

3)When participating in a tender, information of competitors will not be provided to other companies.

4)When dealing with customers, we will comply with relevant laws, regulations and systems.

5)All transactions with customers shall be carried out fairly on equal terms, and conditions and procedures shall be fully discussed in advance.

6)We will not collect information in fraudulent means from our competitors, business partners, or other institutions. Illegally obtained information by the company or a third party shall not be used or disclosed.

Chapter 6 : Contributions to the State and Community
1. Social Responsibility and Obligations

1)We contribute to the development of society and the national economy through compliance with various laws, improved productivity, job creation, honest tax payment, social contribution, etc.

2)We recognize the importance of social responsibility and fulfill it by participating in various social service activities such as environment safety activities and cultural support activities.

3)We contribute to social development by performing corporate activities that respect social values, and do not engage in activities through unfair means such as bribery for business benefits and exploitation of competitors' profits.

2. Environmental Protection

1)In order to protect the global environment, we will comply with all environmental regulations and will carry out all projects in an environmentally friendly manner.

2)Efforts shall be made to preserve a clean environment throughout the development, production, and use of our products.

3)Efforts shall be made to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by improving energy efficiency.

Chapter 7 : Additional Clause

1)This Code of Ethics shall be enacted and enforced on May 20, 2021.

2)This Code of Ethics supersedes other regulations within the company.

3)The Code of Ethics established in 2008 shall be replaced by this Code of Ethics.