Sustainable Management

Executives and employees shall report in accordance with ethical management guidelines, but if they are not specified in the text or if there is a possibility of conflicting opinions on interpretation, contact the Ethics Management Office. The company operates various channels of internal reporting, so that ethical management can be implemented. The reporting will be held in anonymous.

  • STEP 1

    Filing Report

    Reporting of unethical behaviors through online and offline sources.

    Check the contents of unethical behavior.

    Document and record reports of any deficiencies or violations as separate files/cases.

    After confirming the contents of the report, the informant will be notified of the receipt within 3 business days.

  • STEP 2

    Case Inspection

    When the investigation plan is confirmed, the investigation will begin in a closed manner.

    In principle, reports of unethical behavior by employees will be investigated by the Ethics Management Office.

    An investigation accompanied by an attorney-at-law belonging to a law firm shall be conducted on the basis of facts of unethical behavior.

    Whistleblower and their statements shall be kept in confidential.

    If confidentiality is not guaranteed, it shall be carried out after obtaining consent from the reporter.

  • STEP 3

    Special Ethics Committee - Audit, Assessment and Review

    Members of the Special Ethics Committee shall file for explanatory statement of the case after investigation is complete.

    Special Ethics Committee reviewing the case shall consists no more than 4 (four) members including 1 (one) chairperson and give an opportunity to the defendant to plead for the accusation.

    When the deliberation is completed, a written document for deliberation by the Special Ethics Committee on Ethics shall be prepared (preserved in a file for five years).

    If requested by the members, Special Ethics Committee shall issue a copy of the written document.

    Special Ethics Committee shall consider award for whistleblower.

  • STEP 4

    Personnel Committee Convocation

    The CEO shall review the inspection and assessment by the Special Ethics Committee. Based on the review, Personnel Committee shall be convoked.

    The Personnel Committee will review the disciplines and drafts addressed by the Special Ethics Committee.

    The disciplinary action plan for violators shall reflect the opinions of law firms, and the scope of disciplinary action shall be governed by Article 78 (1) of the Employment Rules.

    A disciplinary action plan for a violating employee shall be prepared according to the reputation of the company, credit and loss level.

    The Personnel Committee shall thoroughly review the cases and notify the HR team of the penalties.

    The Personnel Committee shall finalize reward for the whistleblower deliberated by the Special Ethics Committee.

  • STEP 5

    Discipline and Notification

    The Ethics Management Office shall reply to the whistleblower on the matters determined by the Personnel Committee.

    The HR team shall be in charge of notifying the determined disciplinary matters to the offender.

    Ethics Management Office shall preserve documents and records related to the audit, assessment, inspection, investigation, or review.