Sustainable Management

Human Rights

Hyundai Welding is deeply committed to upholding human rights, valuing human dignity, fulfilling our social responsibilities, and pursuing sustainable development in collaboration with all stakeholders. In line with this commitment, we have outlined our obligation to respect human rights for our workers, partners, and the local community. We have established a Human Rights Charter as a guiding standard for behavior and value judgment, which every executive and employee is expected to adhere to rigorously.

Human Rights Management System

Vision Pursue Human Rights Management centered on individuals and work sites
Goal Strengthen our Human Rights Management System and embed human rights principles into our organizational culture
Strategies Establishment of Human Rights Management System Dissemination of Human Rights Culture
Establishment of Human Rights Management operating system Implementation of education for internalizing Human Rights awareness
Declaration of Human Rights Charter Ensuring effectiveness of reporting and remedy procedures for Human Rights violations
Enhancement of expertise in Human Rights Management Compliance with Codes of Conduct for employees and suppliers

Principles of Human Rights Management

Employee Customer Community
Prohibition of discrimination Protection of customer privacy Protection of Human Rights of local residents
Prohibition of harassment Protection of customer Human Rights Transparent disclosure of information
Prohibition of forced & child labor Commitment to fair trade
Compliance with labor conditions
Ensuring safe and healthy workplace

Human Rights Charter PDF Korean Human Rights Charter PDF English