Business Introduction

It is a field that is consistently researched and developed by Hyundai Welding.
Development of Welding Materials

Development of optimized products for Low-Temperature Service Steel, High Tensile Steel, and Heat-Resistant Steel

Development of special functioning products for Shipbuilding, Offshore, Construction, Nuclear Energy, and Power Plants

Development of innovative and functionalized products for general-purpose such as, Shipbuilding, Structural Steel, Construction, Heavy Equipment, and Automotive

Joint R&D for the application of new steel grades, welding materials and new welding techniques, in order to provide a total solution technology

Increases in welding speed and efficiency, high toughness, crack resistance, and eco-friendliness

Reasearch of Welding Technology

Evaluation of welding wire feeding characteristics through Arc Monitoring

Research for performance improvement techniques through the evaluation and analysis of mechanical properties of welding materials

Study of the characteristics of welding parts, according to welding parameters