Business Introduction

HiQ-AMP(Alternative Marine Power System) is a modular, containerized shore power connection system which provides a secured electrical power supply from the local grid to vessel.

Hyundai Welding provides,
Easy to operate, safety secured AMP system to ship-owner.

Simple and Modular shore power connection system,
meets IEC/ISO/IEEE 80005-1 requirements and global standards
satisfies Class requirements: DNV/ABS/LR/KR/BV and others
provides black-out free switching and customized solutions
Benefits of HiQ-AMP

- Safety First Solution: Black-out free
- Turnkey solution from design to commissioning and after service through our global service network
- Customized AMP Solutions (Container Type or Enclosure Type)
- Long time proven technology and certified key components
- Cost effectiveness
- Long experience in marine industry; Ship's Classification Requirements
- Strong and reliable business partner over 45 years

HiQ-AMP can be installed with following specifications:

Items Specification Remark

Module size

20ft/ 40ft container

Can be customized


Fixed / Mobile

Shipside Transformer

As required

for LV

Reel Cable length [m]


Can be customized

Shore side power

AC 6.6 kV / AC 11 kV

Shipside power

AC 6.6 kV / AC 450 V

60 Hz / 50 Hz with frequency converter

Power rating

6 MW / 8 MW

Can be customized

Ship Power connection

Bolted / Plugged

Automatic tension control


Automatic power recovery

As required

Automatically return to onboard power