Sustainable Management

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Workplace Harassment

Deliberately using superiority or authority to inflict physical or mental pain to other employees, or worsening ambience of the office through violence or abusive language.

Disciplinary actions, such as dismissal, may be considered based on the severity of the case

1) Workplace Harassement

Subject to report on ethical management violations
  • 1)Acts of physical violence between employees

  • 2)The act of inflicting a mental shock through habitual abusive language, abusive language, or loud voice

  • 3)Deliberately harassing or bullying others

  • 4)Actions such as unfounded slander, spread of rumors, criticizing one’s appearance, and excessive interference with privacy

  • 5)Directing or exclusion of work that is far from competence or experience without a reasonable reason

2) Mutual Respect

Subject to report on ethical management violations
  • 1)Actions that does not have mutual courtesy between employees

  • 2)Discrimination on gender, education, ethnicity, marriage, nationality, religion, etc.

  • 3)Creating a faction through informal meeting or fostering discord to gain private interest