Company Introduction

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growth story.

2015 -

  • 2020.11 Started special alloy steel business (stainless steel, aluminum, heat-resistant steel, wear-resistant steel, etc.)
  • 2020.10 Started thermal spray wire business (ZINC, STS, Ni., etc.)
  • 2020.08 Started brazing & soldering material business
  • 2020.07 Started tungsten rod business
  • 2020.06 Started gousing rod business
  • 2018.07 Started aluminum welding product drum types (80kg ~ 173kg) business
  • 2018.05 Acquired CE, TUV certification for HIGH TENSILE STRENGTH welding products
  • 2018.03 Acquired DNV-GL, CE, DB, TUV certification for aluminum welding products
  • 2017.12 Started copper welding product business
  • 2017.09 Started aluminum welding product business
  • 2015.01 Started special alloy welding rod business that can be applied to structures that require special and high functions-Duplex, Super Duplex, Inconel, Hastelloy, Cr-Mo heat-resistant steel, cryogenic, corrosion resistance, high strength, seismic design, low temperature toughness, etc
  • 2015.01 Establishment of Hyundai Superteck